#emailgeeksMSP is a monthly, recurring, digital zoom meetup for email marketers, designers, and developers to talk about all things email.

We follow a show & tell format along with an open format for networking or spontaneous presentations.

While we have scheduled presenters coming up through the year and email experts on-tap we HIGHLY encourage LIVE off-the-cuff community engagement.

Bring your ideas & inspiration and show the audience something you've built (or something else that's emailing-awesome) and answer questions from the audience.

The format

As the year goes on we will be scheduling presenters from across the email industry.

To us, this means we are on the lookout for local email-centric agencies & local email pros, as well as, seeking to bring company reps. to talk on ESP's, testing tools, development technology, engagement platforms and cover topics from design & development to deliverability, copy-writing, and strategy.

Consistently we will go through a small introduction, followed by a lightning round presentation on recent design & development trends. We will also host a quick segment on geeky tech tools we love – bc who doesn't love a shiny new object.

Afterwards we will have an open floor segment for participant introductions & community chatter.

And as always if we run out of things to talk about, we will be prompting a group discussion or fielding community questions. The meetup will close by taking suggestions for future meetup topics.

Code of Conduct

Everyone is welcome to participate regardless of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, or anything else that makes up a person. Not only is everyone welcome, we want everyone to feel comfortable and feel safe. Hang out and bask in the amazing community that is #emailgeeks.

Who's putting this on?

Ultimately this is a community led venture, but small fees to cover the web, zoom costs & organizing admin time are covered by Experiential EverythingAn email design & development agency for brands, agencies, ESP's & marketing platforms.

Email Inspiration

#emailgeeksMSP is created in the spirit of others who have emailed before, we are continually inspired by a spring of email knowledge:

Stay inspired by Really Good Emails
Watch the Unspam Conference talks online
Join the #emailgeeks slack community
In the bay area? Join the #emailgeeksSF meetup
• R.I.P. #emailgeeksCHI we hope to see you again
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Speakers & Sponsors

Speakers of all experience levels are welcome to talk!

If you would like to be highlighted as a freelancer or email-pro, sponsor a single session or sponsor the whole year, please reach out through the Meetup platform or the agency email.

Networking, Recruiting & Email Jobs Lists

If you are a freelancer, small business or otherwise any professional catering to the email industry and would like to be represented in our resources list each month please reach out and we'll get you on the decks.

If you are a recruiter looking to place candidates or promote open email roles please reach out. We do encourage you to attend and share opportunities during our community chatter but we would prefer to present your email opportunity through a slide deck and on our email list as a more digestible resource for the community.

Time for the shameless plea

If you're still with us then we think this group will be for you! So  join us on the last Monday of each month to kick off your work week & pick up email inspiration.

Happy emailing ya'll 🤠

Minneapolis MN, USA.

As a digital agency we seek to create a better world through design.

Let's build the future.

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